Welded Tubes, Inc. Maintenance Tech-II

Full Time
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Job Description

135 Penniman Road, Orwell, OH  44076, 440.437.7184

Classification:  Hourly

Job Function:  Comply with all policies and procedures as defined in the Employee Handbook; Basic knowledge in the areas of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and industrial electronics and motor controls is required; Able to troubleshoot  and recognize issues, repair failures of production and facilities equipment, and ensure maximum equipment efficiency and effectiveness; Participation in the completion of all “Maintenance Requests” as assigned; Strives to perform Preventive Maintenance (PM), predictive Maintenance (PdM) and routine maintenance tasks; Able to read blueprints, along with the ability to read micrometers and calipers.  Also the ability to operation drill press, grinder, hand tools and other metal working equipment; Help with installs, performs maintenance and repair of all equipment; Repair or replace control devices such as switches, photo eyes, prox sensors, pushbuttons, contactors, motor starters, etc. as needed; Works as a team member to meet and exceed organizational and departmental goals; Assist if needed, in helping of work being performed by outside contractors; Special projects and other responsibilities as may be determined; Keep work area clean and organized.

Note:  Employee must follow any other reasonable instructions provided by their supervisor as this job description may not be all inclusive; Employee must function in the best interest of the organization as a whole in order to promote an effective team oriented environment; Max time allowed here is two years, must be active in gaining Maintenance Tech-III.

Job Requirements

Able to read and write; Perform job while standing and with 2 hands; Visually inspect parts; Lift material/parts from floor (max 40 lbs).

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