Quality Assurance Specialist at Chromaflo Technologies in Ashtabula, OH

Full Time
Experience: BA or BS degree in Engineering with 5-8 years functional experience is preferred; other degrees considered along with equivalent work experience.
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Job Description

A Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist works to improve manufacturing processes, solve manufacturing and product quality problems related to manufacturing and/or the raw materials used to make Chromaflo and tolled products.  A QA Specialist is responsible for ensuring our products meet the established standards of quality including reliability, usability and performance.  A QA Specialist provides training to Quality Control (QC) personnel and provides support to Technical, Manufacturing, and Sales when transferring developed products to manufacturing or when problems occur in the field related to manufacturing.

Major Areas of Responsibility:  Demonstrate safety leadership in all tasks undertaken; evaluate processes to improve the safety of our personnel and reduce product quality deviations; scale-up of new, reactivated, or toll manufactured products; training and development of personnel on best manufacturing practices and techniques; identifying, understanding and disseminating best practices used by production personnel; support of other Chromaflo manufacturing locations as required; evaluation and development of new to site manufacturing techniques and equipment; developing, implementing, and improving manufacturing processes, QC methods and procedures; understand raw materials, products, and their process characteristics; analyze product and raw material quality data to improve  process, formula quality and product yield; identify impacts of product or process deviations, and make technical modifications, as needed; assist development personnel with development and/or implementation of test methods; investigate internal product quality incidents and any external quality-related issues or returned products; actively work to recover work-away while maintaining quality; train QC technicians and other site personnel, as needed, on current or new test methods; support QA/QC Manager and other Quality Assurance Specialists, as needed; other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

BA or BS degree in Engineering with 5-8 years functional experience is preferred; other degrees considered along with equivalent work experience.  Demonstrated understanding of mathematics (understanding of quality statistics is a plus).  Demonstrated commitment to quality and an understanding of quality concepts such as Lean and Six Sigma.  Demonstrated preference for process and quality improvement activity.  Working knowledge of color measurement and colorant manufacturing processes preferred  Good interpersonal skills – ability and willingness to work well with others is a must.  Good oral and written communication skills; ability to write clear and concise reports and letters.  Proven problem solving ability and nature is a plus.

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