Production Operator at Chromaflo Technologies in Ashtabula, OH

Full Time
Experience: High school graduate or GED equivalent with strong math skills.
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Job Description

Overall Purpose of Position:  Production Operators are employees who operate process equipment, produce and package product, and perform other tasks essential to our production operation.

Major Responsibilities:  As operators, employees are expected to develop operator skills and assume the following general responsibilities — Wear all required PPE and observe all safety regulations; Operate and maintain production equipment in the area assigned according to current procedures and practices; Monitor performance of production operations assigned and adjust operating conditions within allowable limits, as needed to achieve performance standards; Report processing and equipment problems to the Supervisor; Observe and report to Supervisor, the effectiveness of processing, equipment, or method changes; Obtain and record processing data as prescribed by procedure, written processing instructions or directive from supervisor; Insure quality standards are maintained, within their ability to control, and insure properly obtained samples are gathered as required; Be constantly on the alert for safety hazards and report any found to the Supervisor; Perform all other tasks as assigned by the Supervisor Lead Operator in charge; Participate in area work teams, as necessary.

In addition to above, qualified operators may be called upon to instruct new or newly assigned operators, and “A” class or Lead Operators may be given charge of an area to assist Production Supervisor.

Complies with safety rules and regulations, attends safety meetings and training, inspects work area for hazards/deficiencies and initiates action to correct them.  Also, reports injury/illness and/or environmental incidents.

Major Interfaces:  All production operators assigned directly to an “A” Operator or Lead Operator by the area supervisor or department manager will take direction form their “A” Operator or Lead Operator on all matters related to the work being done; When covering for, or assigned as, a temporary Supervisor, all operators will report to the “A” Operator or Lead Operator as if he were a Supervisor; Production operators will also report to any Manager or Supervisor matters which involve violations of Company policy, work or safety rules.

Position reports to:  Production Supervisors.

To apply, please email with your resume and/or a general application.  Be sure to attach your resume and list the position title in your subject line.  You may also fill out general application and bring it to a Chromaflo facility.

Job Requirements

Qualifications:  High school graduate or GED equivalent with strong math skills; Ability to follow detailed instructions/work orders; Demonstrated mechanical aptitude/experience, as well as additional formal or technical education; A strong sense of self-motivation and the ability to work well in a team environment.

Measure of Performance and Accountability:  Demonstrates the ability to properly operate equipment, follow procedures and written processing instructions for all operations for the area to which they have been assigned; Effectiveness of communications between themselves and supervision; Completeness and accuracy of required reports and records; Skill level (consistency and quality), Cleanliness and safety in work area; Attendance at area safety meetings and safety training and completion of H,S&E Area Checklist (as assigned); Prevention of personal injury/illness.

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