Operations Scheduler / Administrative Assistant

Full Time
Experience: 3 years
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Job Description

To apply, please visit www.ccan.org

Position Purpose: Schedule staff to optimize on time performance, staff open areas in the schedule to maintain fiscal budget and ensure adequate response to meet customer and patient expectations.  Reconcile employee timeclock punches in Epro scheduler, to ensure employees are paid appropriately for the hours worked. Track employee work hours and ensure PTO requests are handled appropriately.  Assist fleet maintenance staff with input of vehicle maintenance performed and entering data on work performed by outside vendors.  Assist with the operations division to maintain records, submit meeting notes and keep notes from meetings.

Work Distribution: Scheduling 15%, Staffing 40%, Fleet admin. 10%, OFI/PI 10%, Committee support and rounding maintenance 15%.


Work Environment: Predominantly working in an office with desk.  Sometimes exposed to dust dirt and vehicle fumes as would be found in a vehicle maintenance bay.

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 3 – 5 years’ experience scheduling staff and working with schedules.
  • 3 – 5 years’ experience in customer relations oriented business.
  • Ability to:
    • Work with Microsoft office suite.
    • Constant interaction with staff.
    • This position conducts all duties related to the scheduling/staffing and related personnel documentation for the Ambulance, wheel chair and shuttle departments.
    • Ability to maintain detail oriented personnel files such as payroll/time clock.
    • Applies employee schedules in Epro in accordance with collective agreements, policies and procedures, and staffing and shift requirements.
    • Prepares and reconciles attendance data, enters approved pay adjustments and codes (e.g., missed lunch, sick).
    • Applies day-to-day changes (e.g., late arrivals, early departures, overtime, shift changes, phone and badge numbers) in Epro Scheduler. Enters modified shifts as per work plan and adjusts as per direction from supervisor.
    • Advises management of any potential staffing shortages, conflicts, or other issues. Reports “No Shows” to EMS Operations Supervision and HR management group immediately.
    • Assists in auditing time cards to ensure accurate and timely completion of pay data. Audits missed lunches and shift overruns approved by EMS supervisors to ensure accuracy of data before pays are run.
    • Configures shift and pattern templates in EPro; assigns pattern templates to appropriate schedule group; and assigns employees to schedule groups, as necessary. Refers daily and monthly roster issues to supervisor.
    • Fills open shifts and processes Time Off Requests, Open Shift Changes and Shift Swaps that have been approved by EMS supervisors. Applies approved employee vacation schedules.
    • Responds to calls from supervisors reporting staff absences from work and enters approved sick time. Receives, copies, and sends medical notes to HR. Calls out to arrange for backfill in accordance with collective agreements.
    • Modifies schedules as required for leaves of absence (e.g., short-term disability, long-term disability, parental, maternity, and adoption leave, personal emergency, family sick, modified work assignment) as approved by HR or EMS management.
    • Enters staff into schedule to attend training and other work-related activities within and outside their regular schedule. Applies new schedules for part-time employees moving into temporary full-time lines.
    • Assigns employees to the monthly rosters. Applies approved Paramedic training schedules to roster and confirms appropriate backfills are in place.
    • Creates and maintains overtime schedules for statutory holidays and fills regular overtime opportunities as per collective agreement.
    • Applies approved shift swaps, trades, giveaways, and special pay codes (e.g., emergency leave, Refusal of Work occurrence) as necessary. Edits and deletes schedules in accordance with supervisor comments and applies appropriate work rules to same.
    • Monitors the Fuel card assignment, distribution and tracking process to ensure that cards are available and functioning correctly for field staff.
    • Provides on-site support regarding EPro Scheduler, including basic application performance, basic troubleshooting, and time clock operation. Forwards urgent issues and basic administrative issues outside past practice to supervisor, HR, and Information Technology Services (ITS) to resolve.
    • Runs various reports regarding scheduling and service for management using various software (e.g., EPro scheduler, First Watch, Excel).
    • Enters new employees into EPro Scheduler.
    • Modifies the wheel chair schedule weekly and daily in compliance with the CBA to ensure appropriate coverage for the wheel chair division.


Fleet Support

  • Documents fleet maintenance in ePro, pulls fleet PM reports and works with Operations staff to ensure PM’s are completed in a timely manner.
  • Enters PO’s and requests for supplies through appropriate software system to ensure payment and tracking.


Committee Support

  • Takes minutes and distributes them for the safety, protocol, supply and other employee committees.


OFI/PI Support

  • Tracks Rounding performed by supervision and collects information into a single working document correlating with OFI/PI projects.
  • Tracks the OFI/PI process maintaining suspense dates and sending out updates as they occur as directed by senior leadership.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


Education: High School Diploma/GED


Physical Demands: Sitting 60%, standing 20% walking around communicating and working with staff 20%.

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