Journeyman Mechanic at Dominion Energy Services, Inc. in Cleveland, OH

Full Time
Experience: At least five years professional automotive repair experience. High school diploma or equivalent. A mechanical aptitude assessment will be required.
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Job Description

Dominion Energy Ohio is currently hiring a Mechanic B for our Youngtown, Ashtabula, and Eastern Randall shop locations.  This Mechanic (Auto and Heavy Truck Repair) will:  1) Perform all types of repairs on vehicles and all transportation related work equipment (cars, natural gas powered pick-ups, 33,000 GVW trucks, backhoes and trailers); 2) Work under the direction of higher classifications or supervision; 3) Assist higher classification in the performance of their duties; 4) Maintain mechanical condition of vehicles and transportation related equipment by performing such duties as, but not limited to:  vehicle inspections, repairing/rebuilding engines, drive trains, brake repair (air brakes and hydraulic), hydraulic system diagnosis and repairs, air conditioning and suspension repairs; 5) Perform Oxy/acetylene cutting, brazing, and electric welding as needed; 6) Use diagnostic equipment such as hand held diagnostic scanners/laptop based troubleshooting software; 7) Prepare and submit associated paperwork; 8) Perform other duties as directed within the “B” Mechanic classification or below.  This is a safety-sensitive position, subject to random drug testing.

Job Requirements

Required knowledge, skills, abilities and experience:  (please be sure that your resume demonstrates how you meet these requirements) — 1) At lease five years professional automotive repair experience (majority of such experience in repairing/rebuilding engines, drive trains, brake repair, hydraulic system diagnosis and repairs, air conditioning, suspension repairs and vehicle inspections); 2) Automotive maintenance and service experience at a commercial garage or a car dealer; 3) Must have a temporary CDL “A” License, instruction permit identification card (TIPIC), at the time of interview; 4)  Must obtain a commercial drivers license and all applicable endorsements before the end of the newly hired employees 90 day working day probation period; the probation period begins the first day of employment.    For additional knowledge, skills, abilities and experience visit:

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