$20.93 - $27.30 per hour
Full Time
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Job Description

The HOT INSPECTOR is responsible for determining in-process compliances to internal and external requirements for forgings.  This position will work closely with multiple personnel in a fast-paced manufacturing environment.

This position requires the individual to verify part prints for correct revision levels and part numbers to ensure they match setup files.  Must be able to perform first article inspections for the Forge Shop; perform accurate visual and dimensional inspection of forgings.  Other requirements include, but not limited to, informing Supervisor and/or Press Operator of any nonconforming parts and/or condition(s), which may affect conformity or parts.  Must be able to perform hardness evaluation using all equipment.

A candidate for the Hot Inspector Position will need to have previous experience with reading and interpreting blueprint drawings.

MAJOR JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (not all inclusive):  Perform dimensional and visual conformity on hot forgings; Adjust settings on temperature measurement system; Verify conformity of parts via magnetic particle inspection as directed by set-up file and aid in maintaining the mag equipment; Set-up and size all first piece article forge parts that are sized parts; Tag boxes of nonconforming parts and complete appropriate reports; Record all findings from production runs on hot inspection reports; Input temperature set points for each job and set-up temperature on Ircon temperature measurement system; Input and interpret measurement data to determine if the parts are in statistical control; Fill out scrap tickets as appropriate.

Job Requirements

QUALIFICATIONS:  Basic knowledge of math; Ability to lift 50 lbs safely and correctly; Previous experience reading and interpreting blueprint drawings; Basic computer skills to run multiple software applications such as Excel, Word, Notes, etc.; Strong analytical and problem-solving skills; Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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