Dental Hygienist-Cleveland Dental Institute at Cleveland Dental Institute in Ashtabula, OH

Full Time
Experience: 1 year
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Job Description

The Dental Hygienist plays a vital role and enables the Cleveland Dental Institute team.  The Dental Hygienist works chair-side with patients to ensure good oral health for the patient while delivering on Cleveland Dental Institute’s commitment to exceptional customer service.  The Hygienist should possess a friendly, outgoing demeanor and excellent organizational skills.  This individual should place a priority on patient retention and patient education.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Patient screening procedures such as assessment of oral health conditions, review of health history, oral cancer screening, periodontal charting, taking blood pressure and pulse; Take digital x-rays appropriate and perio-diagnosis; Prophylaxis and plaque and (soft deposits) removal from all surfaces of the teeth; Applying preventive materials to the teeth (e.g. sealants, flourides, and varnish); Teach patients appropriate oral health strategies; Protect patients and employees by adhering to infection-control policies and protocols; Non-surgical periodontal therapy and debridement of all calculus deposits; Sterilize equipment and disinfect operatories per OHSA guidelines; Must have local anethesia license; Must maintain a current radiography certification/re-certification; Maintain annual OHSA, HIPPA and infection control training as required by law; Outstanding positive attitude and demeanor; Complete periodontal charting per guidelines; Help manage hygiene schedule flow by — reviewing schedule day before, be present, engaged and always ready to work; Maintain a professional image; Ability to work well in a fast-paced environment; Strong multi-tasking and organizational skills; Ability to work flexible hours; Participate in recall communication as needed.

The above statements are describing the intended work for the Dental Hygiene position.  This is not an exhaustive list of all job duties and responsibilities.

Job Requirements

Hep B and TB records required


Background check

Dental Hygienist Degree

High School Diploma

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