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Dolbey's innovative technologies share a long and proud history. In 1914 John Dolbey formed a partnership with Thomas A. Edison to make available the earliest dictation inventions to the business community. During the 20th century, as dictation evolved from the wax cylinder to today's digital recording, Dolbey successfully navigated these revolutionary changes. Together, the Dolbey companies have built an integrated solution for dictation, transcription, speech recognition and computer-assisted coding. Our voice and text solutions focus on providing solutions that assist in managing the collaborative workflow process and are sold in many vertical markets including healthcare, legal, financial services, manufacturing, public safety and contact centers.

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Technical Project Manager

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Dolbey Systems

The role of a technical project manager is to facilitate efficient, successful implementations of software and hardware sold by Dolbey to our clients across the United States utilizing tools and techniques developed with and approved by our Program Manager. Daily activities include working with healthcare customers to define requirements, assigning… Keep Reading »

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