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Delta Railroad Construction, Inc. is a privately held railroad construction, machine re-manufacturing company. It was 57 years ago Cosmo Laurello started a small local railroad contracting business called Railroad Construction Company. It is from these humble beginnings that we have grown into a multi million dollar national railroad contractor. We have not lost touch with our past, we are still a family owned business operating with the same values that my grandfather started with 57 years ago. Most notably these values include honesty, integrity, and a passion for both our customers and our employees.


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Delta Railroad Construction: Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Austinburg

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Experience: Minimum one year experience in a factory/shop floor environment or in automotive and/or heavy equipment repair preferred.
Duties and Responsibilities:  Perform disassembly, rebuilds, and remanufacturing per requirements; Responsible for the understanding and compliance to requirements;  Capable of using mechanical tools and equipment correctly and safely; Responsible for accurate job time reporting; Follow manufacturing procedures/work instructions; Follow direction from the Foreman; Reports nonconforming products to the Foreman or… Keep Reading »

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